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If you are a regular reader / follower of the blog and live in Australia then you might be interested in a new training course being offered by SAPMEA in South Australia.  This new 2-day course is being held on idyllic Kangaroo Island – and is the brain child of Dr Tim Leeuwenberg and others.  It is on this September  15 – 16th so plenty of time to get your leave form in, your locum booked and start swatting up on the FOAMed goodness that will no doubt be required to “pre-read” for this event.

This is what I have been hoping to see for some time –  an emergency skill and training course that goes beyond the ABCs more than a “one size fits all” model of resuscitation and critical care.

The idea is to look at teamwork, critical event management, logistics and all the stuff they never taught you in Medical school – or on any of the traditional courses.

So, please, please – go over to KI Docs and check it out

The direct link to the post is HERE.  Or you can email the coordinator, Erin Gray with your registration of interest.

If you have done all the courses and need to take your emergency skills to the next level – then this is the way to do it.  You will be exposed to ideas and people who are experts in the practical application of emergency care out there in your world!

[Plus, Tim won’t stop harassing me until you sign up.  So tell him Casey sent you, I think I get 1 can of Dr Tims Lager for every doc I recruit!]


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