Broome Docs Podcast: Headaches in primary care with Minh and Gerry

This podcast is all about the diagnostic approach to headaches, the red-flags, but more about the common primary headaches syndromes that we see in office-based GP.

For your reference – go back and check out the PHARM podcast on the severe headache in ED setting – but this one is more about the chronic or recurrent headache which is one of the commonest symptoms we see in practice.

Dr Minh Le Cong in Cairns (@rfdsdoc) and Dr Gerry Considine in the Adelaide hills (S.A) (@ruralflyingdoc ) join me over the ether to discuss all things headache in primary care.

Apologies: the audio background is the result of tropical cyclone Rusty’s shoulder bashing into the window of my office.  But that is life in beautiful Broome during the monsoon!


Here are a few references from the show that we mentioned:

POUNDing criteria: POUNDing (Pulsating, duration of 4-72 hOurs, Unilateral, Nausea, Disabling)

Dexamethasone for migraine recurrence: the NNT review of the evidence 

Ondansetron might be bad for migraine.  FDA have issued a warning.  When you read te packet information you see that in the chemotherapy setting the commonest minor side effect of ondansteron is in fact a headache – so maybe this makes it a poor choice for treating a migraine?  I think we need a trial, but for now I am using a dopaminergic agent first line.

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