Rural Anaesthesia PODCAST: February 2019

Welcome back to the latest instalment of the RADU podcast. In this episode I was joined on the couch by my Broome GPA colleagues to discuss a few topics.

Thanks to Drs Alex Harris, Melanie Little and Sascha Saharov for providing their expertise. The topics we discuss on this podcast include:

  1. Elective GA Caesarean sections in rural hospitals – what the risk?
  2. Desert island emergent appendectomy with just your McGyver skills and the bare bones of anaesthesia kit
  3. Frusemide… what is it good for? Maybe a few things…
  4. A Kracker Kimberley Case… soiled airway, seizures and such

The references and papers are below:

Joannidis et al. 10 Myths about Frusemide Intensive Care Medicine Jan 2019

Vladislav Rogozov, Neil Bermel Autoappendicectomy in the Antarctic BMJ 19 Dec 2009

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