Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Heidi James

This episode of “Lessons” is a little different.  My guest is Dr Heidi James, Canadian Primary care doc, and one of the voices of the Primary Care RAP podcast.

Heidi and I have worked together in the Hippo ED shed on the Primary Care RAP for a few years and we seem to have a lot in common when it comes to work, life and the all important balance.  So we decided to yarn about how we make it work with family, work and all the other stuff life throws our way.  Can we have it all? What advice would we give given what we know now?  There is even a tale involving fatherhood, faeces and the fruit section….

Hope you enjoy it.

You can hear more of Heidi on the PrimaryCare RAP podcast (not free, but very good value!)

Catcha soon for the next First 10 EM Journal CLub


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