2012: Review, thanks and the future

In true FOAMed tradition I am writing an end-of-year review.  A moment to pause and look back at 2012 – the highlights and to say a big thankyou to all the people out there who read, comment, contribute and keep this site going.

2012 saw Broome Docs evolve a little.  Highlights:

  •  The site changed address with prompting from Scott W (@emcrit) and the technical wizardry of Mike C (@sandnsurf).  I am unmeasurably indebted to Mike for his tireless work –  housing and maintaining the Broome Docs site.
  • Broome Docs went audio (and video) with the introduction of the podcast late in the year.  Early days, and I am still learning how to make it sound good and not rabbit on too much – so thanks for your patience.  More on the way
  • A new co-author – Dr Jonathan Ramachenderen (@DrJRama) has been writing some great posts and tweeting his thoughts from the Broome Docs studios in Albany, WA.  Much appreciated mate.
  • Personal highlights for me that came about through the FOAMed community included:
    • Attending the RMEC 2012 conference in Sydney and meeting Dr Pat Giddings (@patgiddings).  I hope that this is the start of a continued drive to get remote, isolated GPs involved in the online Medical Education movement as they have so much to gain from this type of learning.
    • Getting involved with the Ultrasound Podcast (@ultrasoundpod) boys – Matt and Mike.  These guys produce incredible, enthusiastic and entertaining US learning.  They are visionary in their development of the Bedside US iBook text and 1-minute US app.  Looking forward to working with them into 2013.
    • Meeting the LITFL crew in Perth – Kane (@kane_guthrie), Chris (@precordialthump) and Mike. [Misssed Michelle Johnson (@Eleytherius) by a few minutes in Broome – will have to catch up in Sydney at SMACC 2013.
    • My ongoing “argument” with Dr Minh Le Cong (@rfdsdoc) has been heaps of fun, stimulating and hopefully educational for others.  Minh is an educational machine, a super nice guy and always so generous with his time and know-how.  Big thanks.
    • Meeting and learning with Dr Tim Leeuwenberg (@KangarooBeach).  Tim is a true thinker – and always making me laugh aloud.  I think we share a sense of humour lobe.  Tim is going to be doing some great things on his blog KI-Docs in the coming months and I hope to be able to get involved.  He is a poor student though – from memory he left my 8 hour US tutorial at the 7 hour mark – no stamina!
    • My most honest and reliably sensible critic Dr Katrin Hruska (@akutdoktorn) from Sweden has become a sort of objective yardstick for me when I lose perspective / insight / judgement about the blogging thing.  Big thanks to Katrin for her clear and candid feedback.

Now a few stats:

I am not really a stats watcher, but about 200 people read the blog each day on average.  Knowing you are out there reading is what keeps me going.  Appreciate your support.

Clinical Case 061: Colle’s sans Xray

Clinical Case 074: Resus a deux

Clinical Case 066: Things that go Bump in the Night

Perimortem C-section: Can you cut it in Obstetric resus?

Clinical Case 062: Vasculitis – making rash decisions?

On Evidence, Education, Errors, Ego and Expert intuition

Clinical Case 069: Can’t Intubate, can ventilate …. for now

Hypercalcemia in a nutshell

Clinical Case 065: Sternum vs. seatbelt

Clinical Case 068: Surviving sepsis. Serial scans for super-sick sheila

I love that this list includes a bit from every specialty and discipline.  It is what I aim to achieve – cover all the  bases for the true generalists out there!

The FUTURE:  well more of the same.  I am hoping to produce more of the audio / video material into 2013 but keep up the writing- the cases and the pondering-in-public.

A few big events on the horizon in which I am getting involved:

SMACC 2013 in Sydney – this is going to be like the Oscar party for FOAMites.  I will be there and would love to meet you and chew the fat, or share a brew.

ACEM 2013 conference in Broome will mean my backyard becomes a ED Ed frenzy for a few days with some seriously big names making it all the way to the NW for a visit.  If you want a holiday, like beaches, sand and warm weather – come on up for a slightly different conference experience – “Not the Usual Suspects” is the theme which Dr Michelle Johnson is cooking up.

OK, that is my highlight reel for 2012.  Hope to hear from you or meet you in 2013.


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