Killer Keeweedoc

When I say “Killer Keeweedoc” – I mean the website, not the actual author.  I am sure he is really a very good doctor.  Actually having met him at SMACC last year – I can say he is a super nice chap, wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Not often that I say nice things about New Zealanders – especially during cricket season, or rugby season or…  actually never really!

We Aussies have a fiercely competitive relationship with the Kiwis – probably because we have so much in common, yet are just that little bit different.

So today I just want to give you my FOAM favourite recommendation –  my Kiwi mate and awesome blogger – Dr Andre Bonney. [ @keeweedoc – of course ]

Andre runs a great site: Keeweedoc and I like to think of it as the Kiwi Broomedocs equivalent – we both crap on about the same stuff, same skills and same insomnia that come from raising a station-wagon full of kids – just the accent is a little different 😉

Andre has just started a beaut series labelled – FOAMed Question of the Day – you can see it on the blog or search for the twitter hashtag #FOAMedQOTD.  It is a really nice way to spend 5 minutes keeping your brain fresh, thinking up answers to his medical riddles.  Love it!

So if you love FOAM in nice digestible packages, enjoy a good pavlova, like fried egg on the side (of everything), or can just sympathise with a country that has had to covert every town to a ‘Middle Earth’ tourist destination – then check it out.

Go on, do it!


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