PHARM Podcast: the 4 Resusciteers

Had a great day doing all sorts of teaching, clinical conundrums and great medicine.  Started with septic joints, gout and pus, ended with a DC cardioversion and more pus!

Highlight of the day though was a chat I had over the ether with 3 other Australian Docs: Minh le Cong (PHARM), Michelle Johnson (LITFL) and Amit Miani (EDTCC).  We recorded a 1 hour podcast on the management of traumatic bleeding and resuscitation in remote practice.

So today I am going to be a slacker and direct you over to the PHARM site to hear it all – please let us know what you think and leave your comments there for Minh and the gang.

If this stuff interests you then check out the EMCRIT site for a super-smart chat on similar topics from Scott Weingart and Dr Karim Brohi.



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