Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Seth Trueger

I caught up with my old mate from Chicago, Seth Trueger to discuss a case.

This is a really great case – as it is one with soo many lessons for us all to learn.  It is a case of a “frequent flyer” – one of those patients that turns up on every third shift with all the usual complaints.  Every ED in the world has a collection of these folk.  They are usually living a harsh life with alcohol, drugs, homelessness and mental illness being common themes.

They are hard to treat.  We tend to try and avoid them and yet… they are at very high risk for all of the bad things that can and do happen to people about there on the streets.

So have a listen.  Consider the last time you saw one of your ‘regulars’ and how you too could have missed an important diagnosis.


Tell us about your experiences with these scenarios



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