Trauma Course survey

Gday – slow week for Broome Docs – a few other big projects on the go, and a spot of fishing!

For a while there has been a few of us in the rural areas contemplating a new type of Trauma / Critical Care training course.

We have all done the APLS, EMST, ATLS……..  and know that the training is OK, but comes up short when we go back home and are faced with reality.  These courses are entry level, safe-practice based and valuable – however, they often ar not up to date with evidence, new trends in practice and tend to be a bit heavy on the theory / written word style of teaching.

So what do we want in a course?  There is now a survey out there to try and answer this: what do we – senior, front line docs want  in a weekend training course?

Amit Miani and Andy Buck  (both ED guys with interest in teaching) have created this survey  in order to hopefully create the ultimate educational experiencefor you – the doc on the ground.

So if you are an Aussie doc and want to help create a better type of training – please take 5 minutes to complete the survey.



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