Broome Docs in the Fast Lane

Apologies to the regular readers (and the slightly odd ones too!).  It has been a slow week for updates at Broome Docs as I have been in the big smoke (Perth) doing a bit of a refresher in all things Crit Care in SCGH – and catching up with the Life In the Fast Lane crew at the same time.  It has been a discovery tour where I have had the chance to practice a few skills, ask a lot of difficult (?stupid) questions and learn a thing or two about what it is we do!

Met Dr Mike Cadogan (@sandnsurf) today and I can say it was a “blog changing” experience!   I recorded a chat with Mike for his upcoming podcast and learned stuff about blogging, education, life etc that I didn’t know I didn’t know!  Left Mike’s office with the feeling I was thinking in slow-motion!  I hope to be making my own contribution to his upcoming iMeducate program, providing cases / fodder in this intriguing project which will change the way we access our education and learning at all levels.

If you want to hear me going on about the whole interweb thingy with the master then click here for the 9 minutes of CITFL chat we recorded in his tiny, but very busy office

Anyway – I’ll be back in sunny Broome next week and hope to bring you a whole heap of new stuff, cases and evidence that I have garnered over the last week!




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