Roc vs Sux showdown

I have never used Roc for a RSI, but I think that needs to change.

For me this is a “practice changing” stuff – check it out, many thanks to Dr Cliff Reid at Resus.Me for bringing this to my attention.

In ED when the chips are down and “not intubating” is not an option I will be using Roc in place of Sux from now on.

Chris from LITFL has just released his own comparison – check out Roc rocks and Sux sucks here

Follow the links and let me know if you agree…

PS (19/5/11):  I did it, I broke free from the shackles of Anaesthetic dogma and used Roc to tube a critically ill patient.  Gotta say, she was a known Grade 1 easy-to-tube larynx, so not super-brave of me…I even let the RMO do it.   All went well, the sky did not fall upon my head!

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