Video laryngoscopes: what is your point of view?

OK, today insead of me prattleing on a about a topic I am going to ask you all a question.

I have been looking at a few video laryngoscopes for my place and have lots of questions – what works well, what looks good but doesn’t work, what is easiest in practice???

So I want to know from you – the readers / experts in your field – which video laryngoscope system works best in your theatre or ED?

I will start the ball rolling with a link to an article that compared a few devices – CMAC, Airtraq, Glidescope or MacIntosh.

I never know how to interpret these articles done in specialist practice under very different circumstances to real world practice.  So I want your opinion, can we reach a concensus.

There is a prize for anybody who beats Dr Minh to the punch for comments –  I just know Mihn has thought about this a lot!



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