Pulmonary Emboli – PERCs, Probability and Paradoxes

OK, if you are into Medical Blogs then you have to go and check out the giant clashes and fascinating discussion taking place over at the EMCrit site this week.

Scott Weingart and David Newman have gone toe-to-toe in a mammoth debate over the decision rules used in EDs to decide how we manage the suspected PE patient.

There is a great video for anyone with a spare 1 1/2 hours and the comments are getting wild – even a line or two from yours truly bringing a uniquely rural perspective to the debate.

Great stuff, check it out.  Here is a sample algorithm for your reference. Oh, and if you have no clue what a Well’s or PERC score is then I suggest you check out the nifty MDCalc site which has all sorts of useful decision aides for your practice


Scott Weingart's proposed algorithm

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