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It has been a long time since I last posted… life has been hectic doing what it does.

On the professional front I am studying for my DDU (Diploma in Diagnostic Ultrasound) which is sort of like a hybrid qualification including sonography and Radiology all rolled into a clinical bundle on commonsense. I am rapidly approaching peak nerdiness and hope to pass the exams later this year. So that is taking up a lot of time.

Home is hectic with a lot of family stuff happening. My good buddy and podcast partner in crime Justin Morgenstern has recently +1 in his tribe too, so we are taking a little time for sanity and family from the podcast – but don’t worry we will be back with more nerdy hilarity and actual evidence soon.

Anyway enough of the narrative.

I was lucky enough to make another appearance (audio only) on the SGEM podcast with my mate Ken Milne ( @the SGEM / Batdoc) last week. We discussed a trial about the optimal strategy to correct hyponatremia in the ED –

The SALSA trial out of South Korea. This trial compared rapid intermittent boluses vs. slow continuous infusions for correction of hyponatremia… and there was basically no difference. However, negative trials such as this are often super useful for learning about the granular details and problems with treating diseases – so have a listen and see what makes sense to you.

You can read the summary here at the SGEM website

Or the audio is here, or you can subscribe to the SGEM on your favourite podcast platform

Stay tuned… we will be back with more US nerdiness and cases in the near future. I am always happy to talk about clinical ultrasound and happy to answer questions about anything to do with learning this fundamental skill.


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