Being A Doctor’s Doctor – Penny Wilson and Geoff Riley

Have you ever treated a fellow doctor?  How did it feel?  Did you feel confident or intimidated?

Consulting and treating our colleagues can be really tricky.  The dynamics seem a little alien, there is a huge risk of assumption leading to errors and of course there is always the nagging doubt that you may need to go against their wishes in some circumstances.

Dr Penny Wilson @nomadicgp – a regular in the O&G corner of Broome Docs and now the co-creator of the Bit & Bumps podcast has chipped in this week.  She has interviewed Prof. Geoff Riley – former rural GP and Psychiatrist – who was until recently my boss at the Rural Clinical School in Western Australia.  Geoff has developed a practice over the years as a doctor’s doctor.  He has treated many fellow doctors including some with significant impairment.

So sit back and relax, grab a cuppa and listen to this fascinating discussion about how we ought to approach being a GP to another doctor – and also how we can be better patients when we go along to see our own family doctor.

Yes – we should all have a GP.  Do you see one? If not – I would love to hear why – hit me on the comments below.

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