EBM 2.0

“EBM 1.0 was riddled with bugs, does not function and is no longer supported.

Continued use of EBM requires an update to EBM 2.0″ … Dr. Anand Senthi

My friend Dr Anand Senthi [ @DrSenthi  ] has spent countless hours delving into the statistical science that underpins our profession.  Evidence-based medicine is the science upon which we base our practice. It is the mechanism by which medicine has evolved in the latter half of the twentieth century and up until today. On his journey from “early-adopter” to “skeptic” Anand has posed an elementary question:  “does it work?”

I was lucky enough to catch a talk by Anand at an online “conference” entitled: “Evidence Based Fraud & the End of Statistical Significance”. It was a cracking talk that really got at the heart of our science and gave a vision for the future of medical research and practice.

EBM 2.0 is Anand’s proposed update to EBM as we know it.  There are many functional and useful features of EBM and these still form the cornerstone of EBM 2.0.  However, there are some components of EBM, specifically p-values and the concept of ‘statistical significance’ that have been corrupted and no longer provide us with a pathway towards scientific “truth“.

Together with my usual sparring partner – Justin Morgenstern – we spend a few hours discussing EBM 2.0 and how we might move ahead in the ‘post-p-values era‘.  This conversation has been edited down to two podcasts that cover all the concepts that Anand has written about.  The first episode is below.  The references are listed below as well – so you can stay skeptical and read the base literature for yourself.

If you want to hear a short version of Anand’s treatise then check out the video below.

Please go to the EBM 2.0 website for more data, details and debate.



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