The MacGyver Dilemma: SMACC 2013, Sydney

It seems a while ago now – but SMACC 2013 was really fun and I was able to represent the rural Docs in the Critical Care world.

The talk I was given was: The MacGyver Dilemma

The idea was to try and explain how rural doctors manage to be “good enough at everything” and deliver “excellent care anywhere.”

True to form I got a bit tangential and covered all sorts of ideas…  so if you have 25 minutes to spare – check it out.  The audio and slides are separate in case you just want the audio, however there are a lot of references to the images in the presentation.



  1. Loved this Casey. Thanks for looking after our ex-Virchester docs, and if I ever make it to Broome I’d love to drop in to see the hospital.


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