Probing Paediatric Pneumonia with Dr O’Brien and Lissaman

Drs Adam O’Brien and Claire Lissaman are the authors of a new study looking at the diagnostic characteristics of lung US for Paediatric pneumonia.

The study was entitled: Lissaman et al Prospective observational study of point-of-care ultrasound for diagnosing pneumonia  in Archives of Diseases in Childhood  July 2018 [full text PDF]

In this interview we talk about the study and how to scan kids with chest disease. We discuss the outcomes of the trial and go through the ideal technique for lung scanning. There are also a few pearls and pitfalls to think about when looking for that lung consolidation.

As a special bonus – Dr O’Brien will be teaching all of this live at the SMACC Paeds POCUS workshop in just about 10 days!!! So lucky you if you got a ticket. Come and say thanks in person to the researchers who do all the hard slog to help us advance the science of ultrasound

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