Gamblers and Dissection… a musical treat

Hi All

I am just about back after a glorious 6 weeks of long service leave, fun, sun and family.

However, I did manage to do a little FOAM stuff this week…

Ken Milne from the SGEM podcast / blog started a whole thing about aortic dissection and I couldn’t resist penning this parody of the classic Kenny Rogers hit – The Gambler.

The main trouble is that neither Ken nor myself can sing a tune if our aorta depended on it!  Drs Gerry and Mel Considine to the rescue.

The soulful South Aussies recorded the lyrics and the result is below:

Gambling on a Dissection:

You can read the article that inspired this meme and read the full “SGEM dissection” of the paper over on Ken’s site

the paper is entitled Clinical Examination for Aortic Dissection: a Systematic review and meta-analysis.  In Acad Emerg MEd, April 2018 [free full text]


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