PODCAST: Shared decision making

Shared decision making.

This is one of the hot concepts in healthcare right now.  It is not new – but it is being embraced in many fields as a part of the trend towards more evidence-based practice and the changing culture of medicine where “doctor knows best” is no longer an acceptable platitude.

If you read or listen to a lot of the FOAMed resources – then you will hear a lot of discussion about engaging our patients in a shared decision making process.  Whether that be to help us decide on the right investigation, treatment or indeed to make the decision to not investigate or treat a given problem.

Here is the ideal model as taught in most EBM courses:


Now that is a nice diagram – and it certainly sounds like a good idea.  Out with paternalism, in with patient choice, add a sprinkling of evidence and voila – we can all go home happy.

But….. and there are a few here… how does it all actually work on the ED floor, in the busy GP clinic or specialist suite?

Have a listen to the latest Broome Docs podcast – and hear my dissection of how it could, should and might work in everyday practice.


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