Northern Nautical Nasties

This is the vodcast version of a talk I am giving at the Australian College of Dermatology meeting next week.

Why am I speaking at a Derm conference? Who knows! My knowledge of skin is superficial at best….

Anyway they wanted to know about things that might kill you in Broome…  so humans aside, these are the most dangerous things that I can think of at short notice.

I managed to get a local expert marine biologist / paleontologist / amatuer evolutionary biologist onto the podcast to share his 3 or 4 years experience in the field.

Thanks to the team at “Smarter Every Day” Youtube channel for allowing us to use some of their cool footage of vemonous things in super slow-motion.

Any questions about biology for Julius – comments below.  If you want to know about the tox stuff, ask Dr Chris Nickson.



OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW FULLSCREEN  (large video file – download at home!)



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