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Clinical Case 128: Northern Knee Nasty

OK, team.  This is a bit of a teaser for my SMACC Dublin talk “On How I Do Diagnostics”.  I won’t be giving too much away, but wanted to share a bit of local flavour when it comes to diagnosing a relatively common problem.  Acute monoarthritis of the knee…. Lets do a case. Jimmy is […]


Clinical Case 127: What’s in a Spew?

Hi all, Here is a classic case from the Broome Docs Archive. I will give you the story and the exam and you can let me know what you think is going on, what you would do next and how. Your patient is Tristan – he is a 2 week old (yes, 14 days out) […]


No Xray, No Problem: the evidence

So in case you missed #SMACC in Chicago – I was lucky enough to be able to talk about one of my greatest passions – bedside Ultrasound. The talk was a bit of the evangelical side – the goal being to try and make the audience think about how we image patients. I wanted to […]