Antibiotic Awareness Week: What’s your spiel?

Welcome back!  It is ANTIBIOTIC AWARENESS WEEK here in Australia.

The slogan I have been pushing with my trainees is: “Take time to have the chat, Don’t just write the script.”

Of course, that “chat” can turn nasty!  We have trained generations of families to expect, crave and depend upon the magical pills to cure every cough, sneeze and fever…. but we know that it is largely snake oil!  So my challenge to you all is to share your best spiel.  What do you say to the eager parent who really, really wants a bottle of Amoxil for that slight red ear?  How do you rationalise the need for a penicillin suspension for a runny nose with your next man-flu?

So I have a challenge for you all…


Send me your favourite lines.  The throw away comments and phrases you use to talk em outta the pills.

You can comment below if you like – or better still send me an audio recording of your favourite spiel – just talk it into your phone and send it over to

You might wing a prize.  But better still you might allow the rest of us to share your wisdom with our patients and keep the lid on the Antibiotic Armageddon that may be not too far away!

GO on!

Hit me with your best lines.



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