Countdown to SMACCUS

G’day All

I am sitting in Jackson Lodge writing this post after what has been an amazing week of learning, meeting new friends and seeing some spectacular parts of the U.S.A.   I have been inspired by my fellow Yellowstone US teachers and our awesome students.  And this is just a small taste of what SMACC has to offer!


My favourite part of the last few SMACC events has been having to opportunity to meet in person all of you – the FOAMites.  Yellowstone has been great, so many new friends… but now I am off to Chicago for the main game, SMACCUS.

So if you are a Broome Docs reader / listener and are coming to SMACC, then please come and say “hello”.  Share a few ideas and if you have a “Lessons Hard Learned” tale that you want to share, just let me know – I will have my mic in hand and want to hear your story.

OK… last chance for a SMACC RUN warmup at altitude – gotta get those lungs working!

See you all in Chicago… or on Twitter if you cannot make it


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