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This is a quick post to let you know about a few great Ultrasound resources that are out there.

Sure everyone knows about the Ultrasound Podcast – unless you are a subpetrous life form!

But – there are a number of really nice, lesser known, well made educational Ultrasound sites out there.  So here are a few of my favourites:

  • SONOSPOT : a really nice blog written by Dr Laleh Gharahbaghian and friends.  There are cases, educational videos and a lot of literature reviews.  She also has a really extensive blogroll on her site – with links to heaps of other ultrasound resources.
  • 5 Minute Sono: From the “southern Gentry” of ultrasound – Drs Jacob Avila and Ben Smith have put together a really slick site with, as you might expect, 5-minute videos of all the common US applications.  Really well done with excellent images and narration. Note to my JMOs – you need to watch all of these videos soon!
  • Highland Ultrasound: a blog with a range of videos – largely aimed at ED and regional nerve blocks.  Written by Dr Arun Nagdev and friends out of Highland Hospital in Oakland, California.
  • Emergency Ultrasound Teaching: another American ED US site – lots of short instructional videos and cases – similar to some others – but spaced repetition is key to learning the art of Ultrasound!
  • The mega-blog Academic Life in EM has a section devoted to Ultrasound – there are great literature reviews of the evidence and cool “US for the Win” cases.  Part of the big ALIEM machine – well done and peer reviewed for high quality.
  • The Sono Cave and US Village are sites run by my own mentors and local west Aussie mates Dr James Rippey and Adrian Goudie & co.  Educational lectures, cases and my favourite are the “report cards” which you can print out for reference or laminate and put on your machine.
  • Ultrasound of the Week – also by Dr Ben Smith. A weekly case study with US to test your sono-skillz and see how the pros do it!  Narrative is key to my learning – so I love the cases and frequency is perfect!
  • Dr Chris Fox is a legendary US teacher out of UC Irvine.  He has put a whole heap of free video lectures up on iTunes  – well worth watching on various topics.  Has a great way of explaining the phenomena you will see and how to apply it in practice.

OK.  So that is the big, tip of the US Educational iceberg – there are so many other great sites out there.

Please let me know on the comments about your site, or a site that you find really useful.  Always on the hunt for some new material and perspectives.


If you happen to be a Broome JMO or plan to come to Broome in the future – then check out as many of these as you can.  Having a good grip on the theory and how to apply it is great before you hit the ground and start trying to make decisions.  And that stuff is best taught by experts – doctors whom are masters of the craft.  Then we will play with the probes and our patients will prosper!


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