As the editor of a FOAM blog I am frequently asked to promote commercial products or pharmaceutical agents by sales reps.

Obviously this is contrary to the spirit of FOAM.  There is a general agreement amongst the community to ignore these promotions…

However I have recently been sent a promotion for a revolutionary new product which I feel morally obliged to share with you.

So please- take a look at the flyer and seriously consider purchasing one of these for your department – it is a real game changer.

Go on, do your patients a favour – click on the link below

CLICK HERE to learn more about the DOG(MA) Collar

Yours sincerely



  1. Read the whole thing.
    Lovin it.

    How DO you find the time??
    Keep it up, however you do it.

  2. Craig Barraclough says

    That’s awesome no need to trial it, finally something that ensures every thing is done. Does it come with a long board adapter?

    Keep up the great work

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