FOAM4GP: The debates begin

This is just a quick post for anyone out there who might be interested in the new debate series that we have started over on the FOAM4GP blog & podcast.

The idea is to share pearls, evidence and information on common, controversial and difficult topics in Medicine through the medium of debate.

It is edutainment – a lighthearted way of dissecting some of the tricky parts of general practice that can be divisive, where there is no clear right or wrong answer.

Our inaugural debate was posted yesterday on the blog:

Diet Pills Prescribing: Evil or Useful? featuring yours truly as the moderator, with Drs Melanie Clothier and Gerry Considine battling it out in the battle of the bulge.

Seems like an easy answer – but we know that these meds are ubiquitous in our practice – so are we doing the right thing?

Hop over to the FOAM4GP site and check it out.


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