JAMMIT: Intraosseous Access and Fluid Bolus

Here is an example of a JAMMIT “instant tutorial”.

Imagine you are a rural Doc who hasn’t done an IO line for years.

You have a septic, flat 1 year old with chubby arms, no veins and no peripheral perfusion……

You have tried 2 peripheral lines in desperation – aimed at the antecubital fossae in hope but no luck….

Time for an IO to get in a fluid bolus, antibiotics …..

But how do I use these new fangled Ezy IO thingamies?

Here is a copy of the PDF that comes with the gun – will take a few minutes to read

Or you could pull out your smartphone / desktop and do and instant “hit” of smartness by watching this video…

Feel smarter, waste no time, a video is worth 1000 words, practice safer.

Watch out for upcoming JAMMIT online competition details from the guys of rural FOAM in AUStralia


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