First Trimester Bleeding with Dr Matt Dawson


I have got a special treat for you today.  As a final hurrah in Gynae month I have saved the best for last.  Dr Matt Dawson of the UltrasoundPodcast [the slower talkin’ one with the carefully-styled hair] has been good enough to share his diagnostic algorithm, US pearls and silky smooth tones.  We recorded this chat on the diagnostic workup for the woman presenting with early pregnancy bleeding.

There has been a lot of new evidence and data in this area in recent years which has meant a shift in the diagnostic paradigms that we were all taught in Med School.

This podcast runs for about 25 minutes and we discuss quite a few recent papers and traps that you might see on your bedside US assessment.  So please listen in and look at the images below so it all makes a bit more sense.

Or – you can just go get your iPad, download Bedside Ultrasound Vol 1 [and 2] and read the great chapter on early pregnancy bleeding.



Dr James Rippey’s Awesome 1-page report sheet for 1st trimester US  is here –  Basic-Early-Pregnancy-Ultrasound-Rules-and-Report1.  Check out the SonoCave – awesome pearls from the master of all thing Aus US!

A link to Dr Laleh Gharahbaghian’s cool SONOSPOT website who did a review on the topic a few months ago.

Here’s a copy of the Wang et al paper from Annals of EM in 2011 on the HCG discriminatory zone.

And here’s a link back to an old Broome Docs post on the HCG dilemma – with studies covering a lot of what we discuss.

Left cornual ectopic on TV scan cornual-ectopic2 

OK, thats about it for this month – hope you have learned as much about Gynae as I have!

Next month – who knows.  More of the same and a bunch of lessons hard learned….





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