Dysmenorrhea with Dr Penny Wilson

Dysmenorrhea is a very common problem in primary care, and can even turn up in the ED from time to time.

As a bloke GP mainly doing ED stuff, I rarely have to treat it beyond suggesting some OTC NSAIDs and a hot pack.

So I have teamed up with Dr Penny Wilson (@nomadicgp) who writes the Nomadic GP blog about her experiences as a roving rural GP trainee and now locum in all parts of the country.  I could particularly relate to this recent story where she failed to locate a cervix on speculum exam (though in her defence it wasn’t actually there! 😉 ).

Penny is a bit of a gun when it comes to ladies health – so I asked her about some really dumb stuff and I hope you can learn as much as I did.

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  1. Clint Kalan says:

    Hey Casey,
    Thanks so much for the womens health month (quarter? trimester?). Coming to work locums with an old professor of mine for 5 weeks before ED work, it’s really awesome review. Our nearest hospital is ~60k away (30 beds) and about twice that for anything much bigger. Nothing compared to you guys, but just wanted to say thanks

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