SMACC 2013: A Call to Arms

SMACC 2013:  Social Media and Critical Care  – possibly the best thing since Gram stains were invented.

In Sydney, March 11 – 13 2013 there will be an awesome gathering of wonderful teachers, super-smart doctors and the type of positive vibes that you would pay big dollars for on the street.

The best thing about SMACC is that it is going global, live, free and multimedia – you can tune in, interact, comment and absorb from anywhere on the planet.

The next best thing is that we – the rural generalists, the humble country GPs will be there – we are the ICU, the CCU, the ED of the bush and will be represented at this event alongside the specialists that provide this care in the bigger centres.  The basis of the Broome Docs philosophy is “best care, anywhere” and this conference will be providing exactly the type of learning and access to extraordinary teaching that we need o achieve that goal.  So if you are a rural doc or nurse and are passionate about providing excellent care for your local patients then you need to ge along – either in person, or virtually – so you can make a difference.

The list of guest speakers is pretty special – some great old school researchers, teachers and some of the super-stars of the FOAMed community.  there will be Simwars (ED vs ICU vs ?GPs), Sonogames and plenty of hallway learning, carbon-based socialization and a brew or two!

So – get along to the website, put in your leave request, hire a locum, quit your job – anything to be a part of this awesome conference.  Huge thanks to the guys at Emcrit, ICU NEtwork, LITFL and Minh for making this all happen.  Can’t wait.

I will be there and hope to bring a bit of the generalist / remote perspective to “the conversation”.  Hope to see you there.



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