PHARM: Dr Minh Le Cong’s new blog

Dr Minh Le Cong has finally found his own home and settled down with a nice new blog called Prehospital and retrieval medicine PHARM.

This is a high quality blog looking at all things to do with transfer and prehospital care of the sick patients in remote parts of Australia.

Minh is mildly obsessed with all things airway, psychiatry and critical care.  My type of guy!

If you are interested in this stuff then go to the site

FYI there is a discussion podcast between Minh, myself and Dr Tim of the KI-Docs blog about all things to do with remote care, education and training.

Also now up on PHARM is a one hour chat that Minh and I recorded discussing the practicalities of sedating and safely transferring acutely agitated / psychotic patients from remote locations.  It is long, but covers a lot of ground in a relaxed format.

Check it out.


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