Dr Tim needs help….

Dr Tim L, regular Broome Docs contributor from KI in SA is on the warpath to try and improve the lot of bush docs – he has taken aim at the provision of good airway equipment and wants to get a handle on the current state of airway gear in rural Australia.
To do this he has designed a survey – and invited all the country Docs in Australia to partake if they have a spare 5 minutes.  There is even a prize!

Tim writes:

The link to the survey is below:

I am trying to get out to as many rural docs as I can, to find out what’s happening ‘out there’ and perhaps drive improvements in access to difficult airway equipment and training etc   I’m super keen to hear people’s experiences

Obviously I have no financial interest in courses/equipment etc, just a desire to improve things.

I am offering two nights accommodation on Kangaroo Island to one lucky winner (and family) if leave their details to enter the draw

Hope all well your way

tim leeuwenburg
kangaroo island


So go on, help out Tim – and you just might end up sunning yourself on a sandy beach, fishing for whiting and drinking a drop or two with Tim himself.


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