A Bridge over Troubled waters?

Hi All

As a special treat we have a case from Dr Minh Le Cong, my favorite flying doctor.

Minh is superkeen when it comes to all things involving Psych transfer and sedation.  Check out the research and resources he has shared in the links at hte bottom of the Blog.

Anyway, this week Minh has delivered his first installment on the topic – crazily complex logistics of getting a Psych patient out of the Torres Strait to Cairns.

Forget “planes, trains and automobiles” this is more like choppers, ferries and fixed-wings!  Minh describes the logistics of providing a safe “bridge over troubled waters” for these people in remote tropical far-north Queensland.  Proving he is the Art Garfunkel of Psych transfer….

Check out the link below to Minh’s case.  Enjoy, as always – comments welcome.


Extreme Psych Transfer


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