Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Victoria Stephen

If you enjoyed reading Clinical Case 137 – then you will love this podcast.  That case contained a number of pearls that will be repeated here…

This episode of Lessons Hard Learned comes from Johannesburg in South Africa – I am joined by Dr Tori Stephen to discuss a tough trauma case and some pearls from trauma on ultrasound and clinical decision-making in traumatic crises!  Sometimes things just are not what they seem!

Victoria is one of South Africa’s newest Emergency Physicians – having just sat and starred in her final exams.  She works in a medium-sized ED in Johannesburg, South Africa.  She deals with trauma every day and is also a wizard with the bedside US.

You can follow her very sensible comments on Twitter @EMcardiac

Also go and check out he excellent BAD EM blog from the excellent team in South Africa – Tori will be contributing to this project soon.

OK lets get onto the podcast.

If you love BEDSIDE ULTRASOUND or just want to see some excellent teaching pics then check out the new project devised by Dr Michael Macias from Chicago – The POCUS Atlas

This project is supported by the USpodcast crew and I..

In the spirit of FOAMed you can contribute images to the site and get them published in the ebook once it comes out. Check it out and share your best pics for all to marvel upon and learn!!



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