PODCAST: First10 EM Papers of the Month

Welcome back – I know it has been a while… its not you, its me!

I have been busy doing nothing in my annual post-SMACC holiday somewhere.

Today I am happy to present a new collaboration.  The First10EM blog is an awesome resource for the time-poor clinician wanting to stay up-to-date with the literature.   Dr Justin Morgenstern [ @First10EM ] has been producing excellent summaries each and every month in his “Articles of the Month” reviews.  Drumroll please………  and now he is here, live on the Broomedocs podcast to share his incisive and concise analysis of the papers that you should know about.

The plan is to present a series of papers and look at them in the practical light of our daily grind on the floor of the ED.  Hold onto your headphones – it is a fast ride… 2 – 3 minutes per paper.

If you want to read the written version then pop over to the First10EM.com blog and read.  However, if you like a bit of audio to keep your ears busy on the commute to work or cross-trainer then check out the podcast on the Broomedocs feed on iTunes or your favourite podcast app.

And now for your listening pleasure – here is the first episode – the Justin and Casey “rapid-fire journal club” for July 2016.

As an added, super free bonus the full PDFs of all the articles discussed are right here.  We feel that this is a crucial part of the project.  We can tell you what we think, how it will effect our practice – BUT you are working in your world and need to make your own decisions.  So we want you to read the articles that catch your attention and draw your own conclusions. They are right here, click away!

  1. Bell’s Palsy Cochrane review
  2. Nerve blocks, epi or not?  Whats the harm, what the gain?
  3. Amiodarone vs Procainamide for stable VT  PROCAMIO trial
  4. Is ondansetron safe in in pregnancy?
  5. Diphenhydramine, is it a useful adjunct in migraine
  6. Uncertainty – suck it up, its part of our practice.  Carry on.
  7. Is the elbow fat pad sign always a bad thing? 
  8. Does normalisation of Obs in patients undergoing PE workup mean anything?
  9. PATCH trial.  Platelets for your brain?
  10. If an infant desaturates in the community does it make a sound? Scary bronchiolitis paper.
  11. Procedural  pain can be managed in many ways
  12. REACT2: to Pan scan, or not? Just don’t forget the DRE ; -( 
  13. Toddlers fractures: what to do? Plaster, splint, masterful inaction?

Hope you enjoy.  This is a “work in progress”.  So please let us know what you think and help us make your job just that little bit easier!.




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