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Pneumonia Ultrasound Diagnostic Strategy

In June I will be travelling to the Emerald Isle to attend and learn at the SMACC Conference in Dublin.  One of my jobs whilst I am there is to help out on the SMACC Mini workshop – I will be talking about using lung US to diagnose paediatric pneumonia.  Clearly, I am a self-confessed […]


Clinical Case 129: A SMACC in the Head (ache)

HI ALL I need a little help with writing my talk for SMACC in Dublin this June – it is all about diagnosis in the ED. So I want to present a simple case to you here…  and I want you to answer it honestly, without referring to any papers – I am after your […]


Any Place for Race on the Coalface?

Last month (Feb 25th 2016) the New England Journal of Medicine published this editorial “Perspective” titled: “Dealing with Racist Patients.” In the article the authors – Drs Kimani,  Alexander K. Smith, Bernard Lo  and Alicia Fernández present this case vignette: A 77-year-old white man with heart failure arrives in the emergency department of an urban hospital […]