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PEMLit Review: Ultrasound for bronchiolitis?

Hi Broome Dockers I started following and reading the PEMLit blog a while ago and have found it a really useful tool for staying abreast of all the latest from the Paeds ED and hospital literature.  You should definitely check it out.  Anyway, since I am always banging on about all things ultrasound and chests […]


Up for some SMACC craic?

Hello team, Big week in critical care world with a whole bunch of new papers, research and great discussion taking place over the Twitter-sphere and on the blogs. Of course, the major highlight of the week was the Aussie annihilation of the English rugby team and their eviction from their own home World Cup.  The […]


Paediatric pneumonia? Lung Ultrasound.

If you are a regular reader then you will know that I have been spruiking lung ultrasound for a few years now.  In fact I wrote this post [ Ultrasound for pneumonia – sounds crazy? ]  way back in early 2012.  There continues to be a slow trickle of studies looking at US for pneumonia – and […]