Emergency Trauma Management Course

Are you a GP, maybe a locum who spends time moonlighting in ED?  Do you work in an area that has no dedicated trauma service – hence you may be it one day?

Or are you a trainee – a young doctor wanting to go bush or into Emergency training?

Have you done the EMST or ATLS course?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the above questions – then I have a piece of advice for you…..


What is it? Well the mane say it really – it is a trauma course, but not another ABC course.  You are a smart doctor – you know all about the ABCs and can recite the various mnemonics for trauma management – but can you “run a trauma”?

Can you control a team of fellow resusciteers and make stuff happen?  Have you been trained in high-fidelity Sim with emphasis on communication and crew resource management?  Are you up to date with modern imaging pathways, decision-making and life-saving procedures?  Are you able to interpret trauma imaging confidently?

The traditional courses that we have all prepped and passed represent the basic standard of care that one might be able to deliver on a roadside with the usual kit.  However, the ETM course goes to the ceiling – this is about the real-world management of severely injured people in the ED.  Ticking the ABC boxes is not enough – you need to be able to provide first-class care in your ED.

To bring your knowledge up to this level Andy and his team have pulled al the educational strings – online learning, social media, electronic course book with greta video, even some ultrasound Mad Skillz

You can get a free peak or sign up to see the course materials.  However – the best way to make yourself a trauma badass is to sign up and immerse yourself in the full experience.

So check it out.  Give Andy a buzz and tell him “Casey sent you”.

DISCLAIMER:  I do not receive anything from the ETM course, I do as a matter of routine insist that new Docs coming to Broome complete this course as I feel it is the best way to prepare for the reality of small hospital ED trauma care.

I have been involved in creating some of the educational content on the course and think it is pretty good!

OK – end of advertorial.  Go on – check it out.  Worst case you spend a rainy weekend in Melbourne and your better half gets to spend a fun time on the cafe strips 😉


  1. Review of ETM course here

    Since writing we’ve been able to get ETM to Adelaide and Gold Coast, as well as Melbourne

    Thoroughly recommended for rural doctors who manage not just trauma, but a team

  2. Mandie Villis says

    This looks great! I’ve done EMST in 2012 and I’m booked into REACT locally in July (need to fulfill WACHS requirements)… Wondering if it would be worthwhile to back this course on later in the year while everything is fresh or if it would be better to put this off until next year? what do you think? I work in a tiny (2 bed!) ED so we transfer very early in severe trauma.

    • Jonathan Ramachenderan says

      Mandie I would totally do it. If I wasn’t so taken with anaesthesia and was working where you are, this would be the perfect course. I’ve heard from so many rural GP’s about how beneficial this is. You’d have them packaged in Barker before sending them to Perth via RFDS!

      • Mandie Villis says

        Ha just saw this John! I am signing up this year but doubt I’ll transfer to Perth very often without going via Albany.. We can’t do c spine xrays here! 🙂

  3. Thanks Casey & Tim, the positive feedback is very much appreciated, and thanks for your input into the course – the rural chapter in our manual will hopefully go up this weekend!
    Mandie, we’d love to see you at an ETM Course. If you’d like to hear more about how it differs from EMST, check out a recent article published in EMA:
    (If you can’t access it drop me a line via the ETM site and I can send you a copy…)
    With recent EMST and REACT, you may need a break from all the trauma, come along to ETM next year.



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