Taking the BS out of Medical Evidence

HI all

It has been a bit quiet on the blog over the festive season and with the lead up to SMACC making us all busy beavers.

I have a quick recommendation for you – I have started listening to a new podcast – actually it has been going for a few hundred episodes but I just discovered it!

Best Science in Medicine podcast and blog is run by a couple of Canadian docs.  It is really well suited to the Australian GP / general Med practice with a heavy emphasis on evidence based therapeutics.  They are also pretty funny with some great videos / muscio-medical satire.

There is a cool section entitled “Tools for Practice” with a great number of evidence summaries on common GP topics.  This really is a gold mine of great peer-reviewed summaries of evidence.

Here is their latest music video – Bohemian Polypharmacy, education and entertainment all  in one !

Check it out


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