SMACC GOLD Papers: Be a part of it

Just in case you are living under a rock and have not heard about SMACC Gold yet – it is on!

It was a brilliant conference – cutting edge medicine, great social functions and a really awesome vibe.  This conference breaks down the barriers between academics, clincians, doctors, nurses, paramedics and whoever you are.

It is the sort of event you can walk up and start chatting to the Head of Trauma Surgery who is discussing dance moves with an RN from Wagga Wagga and then learn you went to school with a cousin of the speaker from Baltimore.  Its a big world but SMACC makes it all seem cozy and connected.

Now – how do you get involved?  Well the best way to do so is to submit and abstract or a free paper.  It will get displayed and the best will be invited to present their stuff to an international audience, be streamed all over the globe and have their ideas spread throughout the universe of Critical Care.

Last year, my mate Dr Tim from KI Docs & Rural Doctors Net did just this – he presented his audit of trauma and equipment access to a room full of eager listeners.  He did so with a beer in hand and a sense of familiarity – like he was chatting to a room of old classmates.

This year Dr Tim is an invited speaker – he will be taking to the big stage as a guest and helping to run the Airway workshop.  Yep, a humble country GP now teaching at a primo A-grade international Critical Care conference.

This could be you!  So get your act together and get an abstract in pronto.  Submissions close soon.  It will be a heap of fun adn will put you out there with the best in the field.  So get thinking!

Heres the promo:  Call-for-Abstracts-Flyer

or just go to SMACC.NET.AU



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