Obstetric Anaesthesia for Obstetricians

Welcome back – today’s podcast is all about Obstetric Anaesthesia – from the labour ward, into theatre and on the recovery side.

Dr Penny Wilson [ @nomadicgp ] sent me a list of “dumb” questions that she had as an Obstetrician working alongside the GP-Anaesthetists in her practice.  Fair to say that the dark art of Obstetric Anaesthesia is often poorly understood by our sisters in Obs, and must seem at times a little random to the casual observer from over the drapes!

So I teamed up with my Broome buddy, and partner in Anaesthesia Dr David Forster to try and answer her queries.   Dr Dave is not on Twitter, but is a complete tragic for anything to do with Bon Jovi, model aeroplanes and roller-blading – he is a man who still ives his life in 1993 – and that is cool!

So here it is:  it is 35 minutes, but we cover a lot of ground and some evidence where it is often ignored!

We do chat a bit about nerve fibres, myelin etc – so here is a nice chart to remind you of the physiology.  The smaller and less myelin, the more sensitive they are to local anaesthetics.  We tend to block the ones to the right of A delta – that is why we use an ice block to check our dermatomal levels for block adequacy!

nerve types

Here is a picture of a Bon Jovi T-shirt – just so you know what I have to work with on a daily basis – yes, he actually wears one on every shift!


BonJovi_DaggerHeartSkOK Enough.  Onto the podcast: DIRECT DOWNLOAD


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