My favourite SMACC 2013 talk

The SAMCC conference was a really great event – so many wonderful talks and chances to chat with super-enthusiastic educators from all over the world.

There were plenty of clinical lectures which were practice changing and I am often asked which were the best – too hard to answer – sorry.  Listen to the podcast and pick your own!

For me though the most profound and heartening moment during the conference was Dr Michelle Johnson’s deeply personal “Lessons from the Classics”.

I was lucky enough to be sitting next to Michelle as she delivered this talk – and the atmosphere was heavy, raw and electric .

So I would encourage you all to listen to this brave and thought-provoking journey through the literature of our trade.  HERE IS THE LINK
Or see the slides at LITFL 
And if you get something from this talk – do me a favour, fire up the twitter and send @Eleytherius a message – she deserves a big backslap / hug for this amazing effort.

Michelle –  thankyou.



  1. Michelle has written an accompanying post for her talk on LITFL complete with the Prezi and embedded audio here:

  2. no debate this time , mate!
    300% agree with you on this one
    I was in room too for this one.
    glad I was able to experience it first hand.
    waiting for her inaugural book to be published!
    go Michelle!

  3. Michelle Johnston says

    Casey, Minh, and all the rest. Your words are humbling, and I can’t thank you enough for your support. It was a talk given to celebrate the utterly extraordinary people of our field, so I am intensely grateful that it went right to the heart of its target. Bring on #smaccgold.

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