Ventilation Basics

Hi Broomers

Todays vodcast is an introductory talk on the basic physics and physiology of positive pressure ventilation – IPPV or NIV.

For some of you this might be teaching you to suck eggs.  But for me this is full of stuff I wish that I had been taught in my early days of Anaesthesia.

Lets be honest – if you practice elective anaesthesia as a rural doc you spend a lot of time ventilating patients with really good heart and lungs.  This is good – life is not so stressful and our patients do well – great.  However, it does mean we may develop a false sense of security.  Can we manage the trickier cases, the sick lungs, the emergency-can’t back-out cases?

So this talk is about giving you a solid theoretical basis from which you can twiddle the knobs, fine tune, troubleshoot and talk sense to the smart docs in the receiving centre.

Enjoy and let me know if you see any obvious falsehoods or have unanswered questions.  Direct download here

Might do a few shorter talks on specific disease vent strategies.

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