Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Tim’s Surgical airway baptism

Hi there team.

Been away from Broome for a few days in Perth doing a bit of ICU training [and remembering why I don’t work in a tertiary centre!]

I was lucky enough to be able to do the BASIC course  – which is a course designed for junior ICU doctors but really pretty applicable to retrieval and remote practitioners who do “PRN intensive care”.

The course was originally run by the Chinese University in Hong Kong, but is now run all over the world.  The ICU crew at SCGH in Perth are heavily involved and delivered this course with great enthusiasm.  So thanks to Tim, Luke and the team.

Part of the course included an airways workshop – and I know, airways are well covered by the FOAM community – but since Emcrit has been banned from Airways for a few months I am going to attempt to fill the void by releasing this podcast that I recorded with Dr Tim Leeuwenburg of KI Docs and Rural Doctors Net fame.

So sit back and have a listen to the show – put yourself in Tim’s shoes, then go out and buy a strong anti fungal cream…..

Oh – and on the bright side – he is a very good boy in this one, no swearing, hardly any jokes about old ladies privates.  A pillar of the medical community is our Tim!


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