Sexual Assault Management in the Rural ED

In rural areas there are no dedicated services for the initial management and forensic examination of victims of sexual assault.  As such rural GPs and emergency doctors are required to perform this difficult and important task.  There are a heap of good training courses and resources out there for clinicians who want to learn how to perform forensic examination and provide the initial care for these patients.

In WA we have a wonderful service based at King Edwards Memorial Hospital for Women – it is SARC [Sexual Assault Referral Service ].  When I was a trainee in the metro area we were lucky to be able to refer victims to this service 24/7.  However, in the rural areas this is not usually possible.

So I thought I would put together the basic approach and a few tips I have learned over the years for a podcast.  I am definitely not an expert, so I am really hoping there are some pearls from the listeners to help us out on this one.

Have a listen and let me know if you have any resources, experience  or pearls you can share. DIRECT DOWNLOAD here



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