Lessons Hard Learned – Episode 2


This is the second episode of “Lessons Hard Learned”.  This one is a little different.  When I put out the call for readers to tell how they have learned valuable lessons from their practice the hard way I got a lot of responses.

One letter was really powerful – because it was from a doctor who was telling the story from the other side.

I believe this is a truly profound lesson, one we all need to remember everyday of our careers.  We, doctors, occupy a privileged position in society – and it is very easy to forget the impact our words and actions can have upon those we care for.

This is a lesson in mindfulness, empathy and compassion.  I think that the letter speaks for itself – so have a listen.

I would really appreciate your comments and discussion of this story.  And I know that the author would like to engage in this discussion – so please let me know your feelings and share with us all your insights into this most fundamental part of our day to day practice.




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