Broome Docs Podcast 006: Epidurals with Dr Dave Forster

Welcome to Episode 6: better than the Return of the Jedi.

In this podcast I am joined by my mate Dr Dave Forster.  Dave is super enthusiastic about pretty much everything – including epidurals.  Lets face it – epidurals can be really the bane of our practice – they can be good, bad or ugly depending on your perspective (ours is usually from the rear!)

Dave shares with me his practice pointers, tips and tricks to make epidurals in the Obstetric realm as fun as they can be.


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  1. minh le cong says

    hi guys
    thanks for the podcast refresher on perinatal anaesthesia and analgesia!
    cricoid pressure still for RSI in obs?..but you choose to use VL..CP and VL makes sense..
    blind CP to me makes almost no sense..yet I find it hard to divest myself of my anaesthetic training!

    you can complete a LSCS just on ketamine alone..unintubated..its been well documented in the MSF surgical archives

    we rural docs should do a podcast on emergency airway management in remote two, Tim, Jonathon R..ok?

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