BroomeDocs Podcast 001: C-spine trauma sans CT?

This is it! The first BroomeDocs podcast.

It is a new feature to the Broome Docs site and I thought I would go back and look at an old topic for my first podcast.

C-spine trauma management in a small town is an area that really illustrates the type of critical decision-making rural docs are forced to employ in remote areas.  How can we apply our knowledge and the evidecne to come up with world – class care out there?

Listen in to hear my approach to the C-spine in a town without a CT.

Onto the podcast: 


Download: BroomeDocs_Podcast_001

I am hoping to get the podcasts and future video episodes up onto iTunes for you all – so in the future you will be able to download the podcasts onto your mobile / other players and listen whilst you do something more fun, outside, or on the drive to your next shift.

Will let you know once I have conquered that bridge and gotten Apple-worthy.

Feedback on this new format is greatly appreciated.  Casey