PE Prognostication with Dr Anand Senthi (part 2)


Ok, its here – the second part of the PE podcast.  This is where all the new concepts are squirrelled away.  We know that our current approach to PE is imperfect and likely does harm to a good number of patients – so can we do better? Dr Anand Senthi is back to run us […]


PE Prognostication with Dr Anand Senthi


This is the first of a 2-part podcast, and it is long! This podcast was inspired by Dr Anand Senthi –  a Snr Registrar in Emergency Medicine in Perth, W. Australia. Anand gave an awesome and entertaining talk at the ACEM Winter Symposium in Broome back in June – and I have been wanting to […]


Clinical Case 090: Unstuffing the Turkey


You are at work in a busy little ED.  It’s just you and a bunch of junior MOs on the floor.  You are seeing all the patients that you can and handing out advice as you go.  Just after lunch one of your JMOs catches your eye…  “Can I run this patient past you boss?” […]


Clinical Case 088: Putting the art into arterial lines

art line

  Today’s case come from Dr James Wright [NHS RMO refugee in Broome ED]   Arterial lines are a common procedure – can we do it better? A 35 yr old lady presents to the emergency department with a worsening four day history of pyrexia, malaise, nausea and lethargy. She is usually fit and well. […]


Sepsis Kimberley style: Fluid Management by Dr James Wright

sepsis fluid

Welcome back – I have had a few weeks away from Broome and back to the job today. This video (VODCAST) is a follow on from the recent ACEM Winter Symposium presentation we did with the Broome ED JMOs. This episode is part 2 – should follow on from Dr Laura Smith’s case and outline. […]